This adventurous Nashville girl from Amsterdam pushes the genre’s boundaries in unexpected ways. Of course Pieternel plays the guitar, but she gives the sound from Music City her own twist and makes it bespoke. Expect songs full of acoustic intimacy and positive vibes about growth, her loved ones, and big adventures.

Because yes, what a big adventure the making of her new album in Nashville and New York City was! While staying in these two cities, she discovered her love for folk and country, combined with a pinch of pop, was here to stay. Her vocals and melodic style show the clear influence of names like First Aid Kit, Douwe Bob, Bonnie Raitt, Lucius and Chris Stapleton.

The Amsterdam-based performing artist began playing her own songs as a student at the Conservatorium and the Academy of Theatre and Dance. Pieternel became musically trained and developed her musical confidence on stage. Celebrating music in every way, she tried musical theater, bossanova and even flamenco.  Before making the album, she toured with her own music theater production in the Netherlands.